IMUX 2000 T1/E1 8 Port DACS

  • IMUX 8 port DACS
IMUX2000 8 port DACS

Product Description

The IMUX 2000 8-Port T1/E1 DACS is designed for stand-alone operation and/or to interface with the IMUX 2000 T1/E1 Multiplexer to support various types of network topologies including "Star", "Hot-Standby" and "Rings." The IMUX 2000 8-Port T1/E1 DACS, provides full cross-connect capability as well as a reliable level of system restoration. The RFL DACS enables the termination of up to eight [8] T1/E1 ports in a common platform while also providing full DS0 Time Slot Interchange capability. Redundant DACS modules are available for critical applications, which cannot tolerate single point of failure network architectures.

Communications interface options for the DACS include built in T1 CSU, or fiber optic interface adapters using Code Mark Inversion (CMI) encoding technology. In the event the application is time sensitive in nature the RFL DACS can be configured as an Intelligent Line Switch (ILS) in order to provide ultra high speed path switching. System restoration is accomplished through the use of alternate DS0, Time Slot Interchanged maps. The alternate maps are pre-determined and pre-programmed through RFL's user friendly Network Management Software. An alternate DS0 map is invoked automatically upon detection of T1/E1 failures (e.g. AIS, Loss of Frame, excessive BER). The time necessary to switch to an alternate map, upon detection of failure, is programmable down to 1 millisecond.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Optimizes transmission efficiency
  • Drastically reduces overall T1/E1 line costs
  • Provides T1/E1 connectivity to several sites
  • Ideal for edge access and data back haul
  • Groom/Concentrate/Hub multiple T1/E1 links
  • Consolidation of Enterprise network traffic
  • Enables dual T1/E1 Ring interconnection
  • Offers automatic re-routing capabilities
  • Redundant DACS module and power supply
  • Full Time Slot Interchange (TSI) capability
  • 1 ms High Speed Intelligent Line Switch
  • Rugged design (SWC, EMI, RFI, Temp)
  • Intuitive GUI with color coded DACS maps
  • Optional SNMP interface compatibility
  • Front access T1/E1 maintenance Jack-fields
  • Up to 8 T1/E1 ports, fiber optic or electrical
  • DACS map and Tri-color port status Displays
  • Electrical to fiber optic DS1 migration

T1 Specifications

DS1 Inputs/Outputs Interface

  • DSX-1 interface per ANSI T1.403-1995
  • T1 CSU line build outs of –7.5dB, -15dB, and –22.5dB



  • 1.544 Mbps ± 30 PPM, using internal timing


  • 1.544 Mbps ± 30 PPM

Pulse Amplitude

  • Per ANSI T1.403-1995


  • Extended Superframe (ESF) per AT&T 62411 D4/Superframe (SF) per AT&T 43801

Line Codes:

  • Bipolar with 8 Zero Substitution (B8ZS) & Alternate Mark Inversion (AMI)

Line Impedance:

  • 100 Ohms resistive (nominal)

Avg Reframe Time:

E1 Specifications

E1 Inputs/Outputs


  • Conforms to CCITT G.703



  • 2.048 Mbps ± 50 ppm, using internal timing


  • 2.048 Mbps ± 200 ppm, when not loop or through timed

Pulse Shape

  • Per CCITT G.703


  • Frame Format CCS or CAS as per CCITT G.704 in 30 channel and 31 channel modes

Line Codes:

  • High Density Bipolar; Order 3 (HDB3) per CCITT G.703 or Alternate Mark Inversion (AMI)

Line Impedance:

  • Selectable 75 or 120 ohm resistive (nominal)

Avg Reframe Time:

General Specifications

Propagation Delay

DS1/E1 through Delay DACS:

  • 1 to 3 frames, 2 frames average (250 μsec) for each pass through


  • 25 μsec for each signal pass through the ILS

Switch Time

DACS DS0/T1, DS0/E1 Alternate Maps:

  • Programmable down to 1ms ILS DS1

Switch Time:

  • Programmable down to 1ms


Operating Temperature:

  • -20° to +55°C operating


  • 0 - 95% Non-condensing.

SWC & Fast Transient:

  • ANSI C.37.90-1989 & ANSI C.37-90.1.


  • ANSI C.37.90.2.

FCC Compliance:

  • BCC Part 15 Class A


  • BS EN 5502:1995, BS EN 61000-4-2:1995, BS EN
  • 61000-4-3:1997, BS EN 61000-4-4:1995, BS EN 6100-
  • 4-6:1996, BS EN 61000-4-8:1994, DD ENV 50204:1996



  • 19" (483mm) Wide x 5.25" (134mm) Height x
  • 15" (370mm) Depth
  • Depth varies depending on I/O in rear of chassis.
  • Available in 23” width mounting.

Power Supply

  • The RFL DACS has the capability to be equipped with a secondary plug-in power supply for redundancy. The secondary power supply operates on a hot-standby concept versus a load sharing technique:


Alarm Types:

  • Alert: Cautionary conditions that do not prevent multiplexer operation
  • Alarm: Conditions that directly affect multiplexer operation


  • Front Panel indicators and a RS-232 port for remote access and interrogation.
  • Shelf, Form C alarm relays rated for 100 mA at 250 Vdc

Test and Diagnostics


  • Remote, Local and Analog DS0 & DS1/E1

Test pattern:

  • PRBS pattern generation/detection
  • 16-bit loop-up and loop-down code generation and detection.

Specifications Compliance:

  • ANSI T1.403-1995; ANSI T1.231-1993; ANSI T1.408;
  • AT&T TR54016; AT&T TR62411; ITU G.703;G.704;
  • G.706; G.736; G.775; G.823; G.932; I.431; O.151;
  • O.161; ETSI ETS 300 011; ETS 300 166;ETS 300 233;
  • CTR4; CTR12; IEC 255-5 & IEC 801-4.

Electric Utilities (Investor Owned, Municipal, Cooperatives, Independent Power Producers)

  • Inter-substation communications
  • System protection control and monitoring
  • Corporate Wide Area Networks
  • Substation automation
  • Remote station data backhaul
  • SONET/ATM backbone access

Transportation (Traffic, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Airports, Rail/Transit)

  • Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS)
  • Traffic operation center data concentration
  • Wayside communications and signaling for metro/rail
  • Airport enterprise solutions


  • Voice, data, video transport
  • DSO grooming
  • DS1 concentration
  • Fractional T1 to subscribers
  • Public and private networks
rdacs application1
rdacs application2

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