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The HPS®/RFL™ brand of products offer a 24-hour emergency service program that provides specialized service anytime, anywhere in the world. Our customer service team is dedicated to supporting our customers' needs by providing prompt responses to inquiries and timely after-sales field support. We are constantly striving to achieve the highest possible levels in customer service satisfaction. Our philosophy is to understand our customers' needs and meet their requirements on time, every time, without error. All RFL™ branded products are engineered and manufactured to the highest-quality standards and are supported by a team of highly trained customer service engineers.

Available services include:

Dial-Up Support

The HPS®/RFL™ brand Customer Service Department consists of teams of technical personnel devoted to the service of specific products. We offer telephone assistance by qualified engineers and technicians to assist with resolving problems a customer may be experiencing. This support is free during the lifetime of the product. "Dial-up" support is available during normal business hours of 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) by calling 1-973-334-3100 and requesting a Customer Service Engineer for the product you require assistance with.

Startup and Commissioning

The HPS®/RFL™ brand has its own qualified field service engineering staff that will provide continuous engineering field support during system installation.

On-Site Service

On-site service may be contracted by the customer by the hour on an "as needed" basis with a minimum four-hour charge, and calculated from portal to portal. Material cost is additional. Under this plan, a trained RFL™ branded-product Customer Service Engineer can be scheduled at your site to repair or replace our equipment. Service contracts covering specific products are also available.

Warranty Repair

All Hubbell® Power Systems, Inc. RFL™ branded products come with a standard one-year factory repair warranty covering component replacement and labor costs. The RFL™ 9745 and eXmux® 3501 systems’ product warranty extends to three (3) years, the RFL™ IMUX 2000 multiplexer product warranty extends to five (5) years, whereas the RFL™ GARD 8000® and RFL™ GARD Pro™ systems’ product warranty extends to ten (10) years. The warranty period begins from the date of the equipment shipment. During the warranty period, Hubbell® Power Systems, Inc., may, at its option, repair or replace components that prove to be defective at no cost to the customer except the one-way shipping cost of the failed part or module to the factory's Repair Department. All RFL™ products or equipment returned to Hubbell® Power Systems, Inc., must have a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number prior to return. All parts or modules are normally repaired and returned within fifteen working days. Special overnight service can be arranged, subject to material availability.

Out of Warranty Repair

After the warranty period has expired, out-of-warranty repair is performed exactly the same as warranty repair, except there is a repair charge. All components replaced on repaired items will be covered under warranty for one year from date of repair. All HPS®/RFL™ equipment for repair must have a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number prior to return.

Warranty Extensions

Extended warranty is available upon request.

After-Hour, Weekend, and Holiday Emergency Customer Service Assistance

Emergency Service provided after 4:30 p.m. until 7 a.m. (E.S.T.), Mondays through Fridays, or weekends and holidays by calling 973-945-8731. Those located outside of the EST time zone should call 970-856-6085. If you are unable to reach a factory representative within a reasonable amount of time, please call 201-213-1979.

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RFL offers a 24-hour emergency service program that provides specialized service anytime, anywhere in the world. All of RFL's products are engineered and manufactured to the highest-quality standards and are supported by a team of highly trained customer service engineers.

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