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Product Description

The GARD 8000® Teleprotection channel is a revolutionary product platform that provides the user with a fully programmable system that can be used for Direct Transfer Trip, Permissive Transfer Trip, Blocking, and Unblocking applications. The product is unique in that the same platform is used for analogue, digital, and IEC 61850 LAN tripping applications. The base system is the digital platform that can be used to transmit and receive up to 32 functions in groups of 8. Each block of 8 commands is transmitted over a 56/64kbs data channel, these data channels can be any of the supported digital interfaces. In essence the user is provided a teleprotection channel that has four conventional 8-function teleprotection systems built-in for the price of one.

Based on the RFL® 9745 Teleprotection channel, the GARD 8000 Teleprotection system carries relaying communications to the next level. The system uses fully programmable logic and settings that can be uploaded or downloaded using the built-in TCPIP (electrical or optical) or RS-232 interface. Communicating with the system is done with either a laptop PC using Web Browser, or, with the optional built-in color TSD (touch screen device) that communicates with the GARD. The GARD 8000® has a built-in web server that contains all of the user settings. No special or proprietary software is required to access the product. A most unique feature is that the user manual and customer system and application drawings are stored.

The GARD 8000® is available in a 3U chassis (5.25") which can support up to two additional analog or digital teleprotection function modules, or a 6U chassis (10.50") which can support up to eight analog or digital teleprotection function modules. Other GARD 8000® communications or protection modules can be used in the chassis if desired. Redundant controller and power supplies are available as options for applications where ultra reliable systems are required.

System Features

  • One product for all your digital, analog, and IEC 61850 teleprotection needs
  • User defi ned logic and alarms for your specific applications
  • Straight forward web browser user interface for settings and diagnostics; no proprietary application program required
  • Supports SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol)
  • Optional, built-in GPS receiver provides accurate time tags
  • Complete address and checkback testing
  • DNP3, Level 2 compliant
  • SNMPV2 Compliant
  • IEC-61850 HMI standard
  • Full system redundancy option available
  • Optional pass-through 56/64kbs or 19.2kbs Mirrored Bit multiplexer relaying channels
  • Additional plug-in protection modules such as RFL Distance and Current Differential Relays
  • Supports NERC/FERC security standards

Teleprotection Features

  • Digital system comes standard with 32 functions for tripping applications
  • 4 Channels available on Audio Teleprotection Module
  • 16 point bidirectional status & RS-232 data option available for analog TPC systems
  • Optional IEC-61850 LAN tripping module
  • System can accommodate multiple teleprotection schemes in one chassis
  • Analog and digital systems can be mixed in one chassis
  • 1+1 and other redundant back-up schemes are easily supported
  • 96 bit high capacity 56/64kbps status transfer module option
  • Complete range of digital and fiber optic interfaces including C37.94 Remote interogation of far end with analog and digital systems
  • 10 Year Warranty

Technical Specifications

Events Storage

  • The Sequence of Events Recorder on the main controller module can store up to 600 events.


  • Two TCPIP ports, one on the front, one on the back.

RS-232 Interrogation Ports

  • The GARD 8000® Teleprotection unit provides one RS-232 Ports, located on the rear of the chassis. The rear RS-232 port is configured as a DTE Interface.
  • Number of Stop Bits: One
  • Parity: None
  • Flow Control: XON/XOFF


  • The GARD 8000® Teleprotection unit's RS-232 ports (front and rear panel) are isolated from circuit common and chassis ground to a surge withstand level of 500 Vdc.

Input Power Requirements (EN 60834-1)

  • 24 V Rated 24 Vdc
  • Range 19-29 Vdc
  • Burden
  • 48/125V Rated 48/125 Vdc or 120 Vac
  • Range 38-150 Vdc or 96-132 Vac
  • Burden
  • 250V Rated 250 Vdc or 220 Vac
  • Range 200-300 Vdc or 200-240 Va
  • Burden

Power Supply

  • A single or redundant power supply can be provided depending on the reliability of the application. For example a DTT application for a higher voltage level line may demand the dependability of a redundant power supply.
  • Note: The GARD 8000® Power Supply I/O provides two Form C alarm contacts for major and minor alarms.

Operate Time

  • Audio-Tone Units (average trip times - Dual-Tone System):
  • ± 30 Hz Shift: 26.47 ms
  • ± 42.5 Hz Shift: 20.57 ms
  • ± 60 Hz Shift: 14.78 ms
  • ± 75 Hz Shift: 12.65 ms
  • ± 120 Hz Shift: 11.05 ms
  • ± 150 Hz Shift: 10.12 ms
  • ± 240 Hz Shift: 9.22 ms
  • Digital and Fiber systems: 3-5 ms depending on mode of operation. “Operate Time” is defined as the time from the receipt of a command input to the response of a solid- state output, less any channel propagation time.

Pre-Trip Timer

  • Adjustable in 0.25 ms steps

Trip Hold Timer

  • Adjustable in 0.25 ms steps

Command Extend Timer

  • Adjustable in 0.25 ms steps

Non-Volatile Storage

  • All parameters relating to system operation are stored in erasable non-volatile RAM. All parameters related to event logging are stored in capacitor-backed RAM.

RFI Susceptibility

  • ANSI PC37.90.2 (35 Volts/Meter)
  • EN 60255-22-3 (RFI Class III)

Interface Dielectric Strength

  • All contact inputs, solid-state outputs, power supply inputs and relay outputs meet the following specifications:
  • ANSI C37.90-1989 (Dielectric)
  • ANSI C37.90.1-2002 (SWC and Fast Transient)
  • EN 60255-5 (1500 Vrms Breakdown Voltage and Impulse Withstand)
  • EN 60255-22-1 (SWC Class III)
  • EN 60255-22-2 (ESD Class III)
  • EN 60255-22-4 (Fast-Transient Class III)
  • EN 60834-1


  • Operating: -20° C to +75° C (-4° F to + 167° F)
  • Storage: -40° C to +85° C (-40° F to +185° F)

Relative Humidity

  • Up to 95 percent at +40° C (+104° F), non-condensing

Warranty Statement

  • RFL’s standard warranty for the GARD 8000® Teleprotection unit is 10 years from date of delivery for replacement or repair of any part which fails during normal operation or service.

Available Files

Files Available in the Customer Area

Please visit Operating Manuals or Product/Software Downloads to download relevant files. Requires RFL Customer Account.

Please visit Operating Manuals or Product/Software Downloads to download relevant files. Requires RFL Customer Account.

GARD 8000® Emulators

The RFL GARD 8000® Emulator will simulate a complete GARD Protective Relay and Communications system without the need for an actual GARD chassis. The Emulator will allow the user to pre-configure a system by selecting which RFL Modules are included in the final system, thus allowing for whole chassis configuration to be saved and loaded into an actual GARD chassis. Conversely files saved from an actual GARD chassis can be loaded into the Emulator. The Emulator will familiarize the user with the web driven capabilities of the GARD 8000® System and can be used as a teaching tool in the field. The GARD Emulator will show typical examples of GARD status situations. Note that because this is an emulator there are slight differences in menu options from an actual GARD chassis, also note that when the ‘Save’ button is clicked in configuration mode all configurations are accepted.

The Emulator Software is conveniently loaded into the users PC. The software, when loaded, also includes a user manual which will step you through using the Emulators. Examples of how the Emulator can interact with a GARD chassis are also described.

Please note that there are specific Emulators for the Image software that is loaded into the GARD 8000®, please download the correct version for your machine. Different versions do not work with different images.

If you should have any questions please call our Customer Service department at 973-334-3100 x226 and they will be glad to provide assistance.

GARD 8000® Emulators are available in the Product/Software Downloads Area.

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